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  • Why did the City decide to start charging for a second green waste cart?
  • Can the excess material be sold for fuel?
  • Why is it a $4 charge?
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The City of Redding's Solid Waste Utility has been servicing Redding households and businesses since 1944 offering residential and commercial collection services.  The City of Redding's Transfer Station and Material Recovery Facility (MRF) is located at 2255 Abernathy Lane. The facility was constructed in 1994/95 and operations started in April 1995. The facility currently processes about 500 tons of garbage each day and was designed to operate at 750 tons per day to allow for growth.

A Transfer Station is a facility where solid waste is transferred from smaller daily collection trucks to larger, more efficient transfer trucks. The purpose of a transfer station is to economize the shipment of waste for disposal. 

The Solid Waste Utility also operates the West Central Landfill on Clear Creek Road, which is owned by the County of Shasta.  This is where all of the City of Redding's solid waste is transported.  The landfill accepts commercial and residential solid waste from everywhere in Shasta County.  Use the Collection Schedule page to view our Holiday Calendar for information on changes to your collection days.  

The Solid Waste Utility provides the following residential collection services:

Why were utility rates recently adjusted?

The rate increases will provide funding for resources needed to invest in the operation, maintenance, and rehabilitation of the utilities.  See the City Council Presentation from September 2016 for more information.

What are the new cart sizes and rates? 

Gray carts will now be available in 45, 64 and 96-gallon size. 45 gallon carts should be available in late January or early February.

Effective January 1, 2017, rates for each of the gray cart sizes will be as listed below:

  • 45 – gallon $21.49
  • 64 – gallon $22.46
  • 96 – gallon $24.04
  • Landfill Monitoring $0.22

A charge of $4.00 for a second green cart was also included in the rate changes. Solid Waste has mailed letters to customers of record who have more than one green cart to inform them of the new charge.

Basic service still includes one blue cart and one green cart.

Why charge for a second green cart?

Our FAQ list attempts to answer some of the most common questions we receive from customers regarding the charge for a second green cart. 

How do I request a different cart?

To request a different size cart or to have a cart removed, please call customer service at 224-6201.  You can also email Due to the large volume of requests, please be patient. A customer service representative will contact you as soon as possible.

New!  Request a Cart Change Online

Important: If you notify Solid Waste that you no longer want your second green cart before January 31st 2017, you will not be charged for the second green cart.

What is my collection schedule?

Try our new collection calendar tool to determine your collection schedule based on your city of Redding property address.

Solid Waste Colection Calendar

How do I dispose of?

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